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Devon is your go to guy and mechanic when it comes to your beast of a machine or your daily driver.  He has been in the industry for 10 plus years now.  Since 2006 Devon has owned his own private business in Hawaii specializing in auto repair, internal engine work, engine swaps, basic maintenance, vehcile upgrades, ATV/UTV tune ups and ATV engine swaps.  Devon moved to Oregon from Hawaii in 2010 and he has tried multiple different careers since then to tack under his belt.  He has worked in the auto parts sales industry, has been an automotive battery technician and worked at the local Can-Am Polaris Dealership.


Devon finally felt comfortable in 2015 to open his own business and shop to provide quality service to his local community.


With Devon's knowledge, experience and excellent customer service you can trust and know that your rig will be in good hands.


DB Motosports & Auto Repair, LLC. has been open and operated since January 2015.



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